Dec 13, 2013
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Pasta with Pesto

I was quite busy today - school run, lunch with my husband at Pham sushi (always good - beautiful fish, beautifully cut), house chores, kids' playdate, etc... So the dinner had to be quick and easy and suitable for distinguishing palates of children (own and invited). As I was passing by a veggie stall - a beautiful bunch of basil caught my eye.

So pasta with pesto it was to be: a dish, extremely easy to prepare, which is very flavoursome, colourful and has never been denied approval from anyone I have ever served it to. By the way you can easily freeze the leftovers.

To prepare it you need to blanch basil leaves in boiling water (it does have to be vigorously boiling, so the leaves do not discolour), blanch garlic 3 times to get rid of the pungeancy while retaining the garlicy taste

mix all the ingredients together

add olive oil

blitz everything together, grate cheese and mix well, serve with farfalle pasta. That’s it, I love this dish.

Now it’s time to relax with a glass of wine and write something for the blog:)


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