Dec 16, 2013
London for cooks - Blog - Spanish haricot beans stew with chorizo and fried egg

Spanish haricot beans stew with chorizo and fried egg

Monday is a difficult day - no decent fishmonger will sell anything (all ports are closed), and a lot of butchers have a day off as well. On these days I need my imagination to work a bit harder and we often have either vegetarian or "exotic" days. This Monday haricot beans caught my sight. An italian deli on my way had the next important ingredient:

I finished shopping in the little veg shop around the corner:

I decided to go for a Spanish haricot bean stew chorizo and fried egg.

Haricot beans need to be soaked over night - this is important as it will on soften them (Liquid will penetrate the cell walls and soften starches inside the beans) and shorten the time required for cooking. Even better is to blanch the dry beans for 1.5 minutes in boiling water and then soak them for two to three hours in cold water.

Slow cooking is best suitable for beans. To avoid leakage of vitamines and minerals it is best to cook in just enough water to be soaked and absorbed whilst they are cooking. 

Back to the dish: the prep apart from pre-soaking the beans is easy: chop shallots and garlic, parsley and thyme and prepare a bouquet of garni .

Don't forget to chop the red peppers:
Cut chorizo and fry it. Chorizo will release a lot of oil in which you can then sweat shallots. Add garlic and after a minute or so add peppers, so garlic does not have time to turn brown. Sweat peppers and add presoaked beans, add some tomato puree and a bit of stock if you have it (if not add water), just enough to hydrate the beans and add a further complexity to the flavour. When ready to serve add eggs on the beans let them cook for a minute and then cover up with the lid:

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