Jan 9, 2014
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"Karlsson had stopped his pacing. He was standing motionless, sniffing like a setter.

“MEATBALLS!” he said. “Tasty little meatballs I like ver-ry much.”"

Best meatballs ever are surprisingly easy to do. The idea is to enrich to taste of mince adding as much savoury flavour to it as you can. For that use everything with umami taste you have at hand. But first you need a good mix of fresh mince: I prefer to mix beef and pork mince (Pork mince makes meatballs more moist). Onions, pancetta or smoked streaky bacon would compliment the meaty flavour. Fat in pancetta makes them even more moist: sweat onions together with pancetta (you do not need any oil, as pancetta will give up a lot of fat whilst rendering).

To intensify the umami taste you can also chop good quality anchovies into your mix (tomato sauces are a well known source of umami taste and thus often served with the meatballs). Render the pancetta fat, then add some panko breadcrumbs for texture and blitz it

blitzing the ingredient is my personal preference as I like to have quite a uniform texture to the meatballs. Mix all the ingredients adding an egg to hold it together - and form small balls.

Fry them in oil to get some caramelisation and then finish cooking covering with either a tomato sauce or stock (as I did). Serve with a fried potato skin soup for even more flavour and some deep-fried julienned veg for texture.

And be carefull - they might disappear quickly...

"Miss Mouse stood bent over the pan with a meatball in her hand. She was just about to pop it in her mouth, but when she caught sight of Karlsson she stopped and stared at him, nailed to the spot.
“‘Never have I seen such a greedy girl in all my life,’ Karlsson shouted. And he zoomed right down at her, tore the meatball out of her hand, gulped it down and zipped back up to the ceiling."

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