Jul 25, 2014
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Notes on a restaurant: Dinner at Mayfields

I am not a restaurant critic, but often go out to eat and always have a strong opinion on the food I eat. The review is just a few impressions I had from the recent visit.
  • extremely clever flavour and texture combinations (e.g. daikon, lemon sole, citrus butter and liquorice)
  • ingeniously simple and delicious combination of raw/almost raw fruit and veg in all dishes (e.g. kohlrabi, sugar snaps, celery, apricots, peaches, etc)
  • you get what you order: probably around 90% of the ingredients are mentioned in the description of the dish (ingredients are cleverly combined with seemingly little done to them). This works surprisingly well with some dishes (e.g. kohlrabi, celery, ossau, hazelnuts), some dishes turn out less exciting albeit still tasty (e.g. john dory, pepper, beans and basil)
  • tables quite small and close to each other - but we were kindly offered to sit at the table set for four
  • strangely, no sparkling water served at the restaurant on the day we visited
  • wine list is not too extensive
general thoughts
  • the concept is very consistent: simplicity on the plate in line with plain design of the restaurant and simplified service mode (plates for sharing, no “fuss” while waiting, no cutlery changed from dish to dish)
  • food delicious, but it seems they tried hard to tie the rest to the notion of simplicity
  • would’ve loved to come to the place for a quick lunch rather than for a relaxed dinner, unfortunately location for me far too far away to actually venture here for lunch
  • there were no carbs on the plates except for bread and dishes are very small, so we could try and enjoyed almost all of them without feeling we have overeaten
  • each dish is priced between 6.50 and 14 pounds and you end up eating all of them
dishes I wanted to recreate
  • kohlrabi, celery, hazelnut and ossau iraty (see below the picture of my take on the dish)
  • lemon sole, daikon, citrus butter and liquorice



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