May 12, 2015
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London for Cooks goes to Berlin

London for Cooks goes to Berlin! London for Cooks meets PraCooking Berlin!
On 24th of May there is a unique opportunity to take part in a Berlin master class. In collaboration with PraCooking Berlin the class will be a showcase of the fish dishes that have already gained popularity in London and Moscow. We shall work with both fish and shellfish, which we shall fry, roast, steam, smoke, blend, you name it!
Places are limited! Do not miss this opportunity.
On the menu you will find delicacies hard to resist, but easy to make:
We shall start with working with mackerel. This extremely healthy fish is often underestimated and shunned by people for its strong taste. In our class we shall see how easy it is to pair it with other ingredients to produce a remarkable starter- you will also be introduced to a delectable marinade, which can equally be used with other fish.
We shall then delve into the world of home- smoking. We shall do away with any complicated devices and use a simple pan to smoke mackerel and prepare a deliscious smoked mackerel pate. You will never go to a supermarket to buy it anymore.
Next on the menu will be a tamed sea-monster! We shall cook an octopus and talk about all the secrets, the chefs use in a professional kitchens to make the octopus tender. We shall prepare a smoked paprika mayonnaise to accompany the dish.
Next is a well loved sea-bream. We shall talk about the ways to check the quality and freshness of the fish and reveal some tricks as to how to cook it (for example how to get the all crispy skin retaining the melt-in-the- mouth texture of the fish even if you don’t have a non-stick pan at hand.
We shall serve the fish on a pea-puree and decorate it with some “chefy” foam.
We shall finish with a deliscious desert of macerated berries and white chocolate mousse.
Hope your appetite is whetted:) The class will take place on 24.05 at 8 pm at the Platz Doch studio, located at Manteuffelstr 48 in Kreuzberg.
Price per person – 80 Euros. Wine is included;)

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