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Oct 19, 2015

Speaking about “London cuisine” we have long stopped talking about fish-and-chips. New flavours, textures, products, spices and culinary trends are brought to London by people from all over the world . It seems, however, that none of the foreign-borne trends are so dear to the British gourmand’s heart as trends coming from the Asian cuisine. Today I am going on an exclusive trip to the “Asian London” together with a fashionable Malaysian Chef  Guan Leong Chua. The original Russian interview with Julia Varshavskaya of Russky London can be read here:


Sep 15, 2015
“I have always found London’s diversity very exciting. On the one hand it is a financial and cultural centre, rapidly changing, on the other hand and you always have a chance to feel like you are in the country side or even on a farm. Partly this feeling comes from visiting little fairs, family food stalls and Saturday food markets. This sometimes hidden side of London is the topic of our today’s blog”, Julia Varshavskaya of Russky London.

Jun 12, 2015
In this interview, I am discussing the differences in British and Russian gastronomical upbringing with Julia Varshavskaya of "Russky London" and revealing my personal favourites for child-friendly restaurants in London. The original interview in Russian can be viewed here:

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