Fish day in London

  • Do you love fish and shellfish, but are too scared to tackle it? 
  • Have you always wondered how restaurant chefs manage to crisp the skin yet keep the fish moist?
  • Would you like to learn how to filet a fish, then use the bones for a stock or sauce? 
  • How do you tell if fish is fresh?
  • Which fish are sustainable? 
  • When are different fish in season?
  • Are you preparing for a dinner party and want to buy fish at wholesale prices?
  • Have you always wanted to go to Billingsgate to see the bustling market and have a coffee and scallop sandwich in a local cafe with the market’s porters and local traders?
  • Would you like to fill your freezer with seafood, but don’t know which fish and shellfish freeze well?

Then my fish day is for you. A typical course takes place on a Saturday (although alternative days, apart from Mondays and Sundays, can be arranged).

The day is divided into two: an early morning trip to Billingsgate market and an evening cookery class

You will be picked up at around 5.30am and we will head to Billingsgate together (we need to arrive before 6am so that all the stalls are still open). On the way we’ll talk about the market and the fish we are going to buy. Once there, we’ll walk around the market, check out the stalls and choose the fish for the evening. (If you’d also like to buy some fish or shellfish, bring a coolbox with you, which you can fill with ice at the market.) On the way back we’ll stop for coffee and discuss what we’ve seen. You should be home by 8:30am. 

In the evening we meet again in your kitchen to prepare a seafood dinner that we will then enjoy together. I’ll show you how to fillet a flat or round fish, how to either pan-fry or poach it, how to make a fish stock and a fish velouté and how to prepare shellfish. You will learn how to choose, store, freeze and prepare fish and shellfish as well as being given a general introduction to knife skills.

Sample menu:

  • Scallops with hazelnut/herb butter
  • Pan-fried sea bass fillet with garden peas, Jerusalem artichokes and fish velouté and foam
  • Sabayon with macerated berries

I will send you my suggestions for the menu in advance but if there is something specific you would like to learn to cook, let me know.  I will bring a cleaner with me so that we can focus purely on the cooking! 

Price: £170 per person with 4 people participating (10% discount for the host), price for smaller groups on request, gift vouchers available

Price includes:

  • Ingredients
  • Transport to and from the market (for participants from North London only, for other locations please enquire about transport costs)
  • Tour of the market
  • Evening cooking session
  • Prepared dinner, amuse bouche and petit fours
  • Sharpening of your favourite knife (optional)
  • Cleaner