Meat day

  • Which cut of meat is best for which dish?
  • Would you like to learn how to use the less expensive ‘off-cuts’ to create a delicious dinner?
  • Have you always wondered how restaurant chefs get the beef or pork cheeks so bewilderingly tender?
  • Would you like an insight into the world of slow cooking? 
  • What is sous vide cooking and how does it work?
  • Would you like to learn how to butcher a chicken?
  • What are the tricks to cooking amazing stocks and sauces?

The day starts early with a trip to Smithfield meat market. You will be picked up around 5:30am and we’ll arrive at the market at 6am. As we wander around the stalls we’ll talk about the market’s history, check out the different cuts and buy the meat for the evening’s lesson. 

Sample dishes:

  • Melt in mouth Lamb navarin (a traditional French slow cooked lamb stew with root vegetables and broad beans)
  • Prune stuffed pork fillet in apple cider sauce
  • Succulent fillet steak in pepper sauce or lamb noisette with wild mushrooms

Sample menu:

  • Carpaccio of beef with violet mustard and herbs
  • Pan fried lamb fillet with vegetables and broad beans
  • Chocolate fondant with sour cream

You can take any leftovers home so don’t forget your Tupperware! I will bring a cleaner with me so that we can focus purely on the cooking. 

Price:  £170 per person with 4 people participating (10% discount for the host), price for smaller groups on request, gift vouchers available

Price includes:

  • Ingredients
  • Transport to and from the market (for participants from North London only, for other locations please enquire about transport costs)
  • Tour of the market
  • Evening cooking session
  • Prepared dinner, amuse bouche and petit fours
  • Sharpening of your favourite knife (optional)
  • Cleaner