Shop, cook, feast!

Join one of my cookery classes and you will enjoy a culinary adventure.  I will guide you through a menu, showing you the tricks of the trade and supporting you through the process. The cookery lesson takes place in your own kitchen, where we use your own equipment so that you will be able to recreate the recipes at home afterwards. The classes are very hands-on, as I believe there is no better way to learn how to cook than when you cook yourself, and are designed around a detailed prior discussion of your skills, tastes and ambitions. 

Foundation cookery course

Single cookery classes


The Tours for cooks are ingredients-led adventures to foodie places in Germany and the UK: we travel to the places where the produce originates from and learn how to choose and prepare the best local food. You will visit quaint farms and dairies tucked into remote corners of the two countries, head out to sea with local fishermen and knead dough with artisan bakers to produce gorgeously fragrant fresh bread in the morning. In beautiful nature landscapes and authentic farms you get to know the country from a new perspective – to see it with a cook's eyes. With a professional guide we drop by into medieval castles, towers, historical towns and cities. And of course we will all cook the produce together under the guidance of a professional chef. 

Uk for Cooks

Germany for Cooks


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